A downloadable JOSH for Windows

goal: kill milk

This game is kind of a "sequel" to my game Josh Dumb.

Click here for the HTML5 version of the game on Newgrounds.

The post-jam version is recommended if you're not rating this game for GBTK 6, it adds the intro cutscene which I didn't finish on time originally.

Software used to make this:

  • Game Maker 8 - programming
  • MS Paint - art
  • Audacity 2.0 - recording
  • Cakewalk Pro Audio 9 - music

Install instructions

1. click download

2. open it lol

3. ???

4. profit


joshdumb2.exe 4 MB
JOSH DUMB 2 (post-jam) 7 MB
Source Code (post-jam) 5 MB

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