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Milk Man: Shit Edition is a very strange game where you play as milk man and go find milk because like I don't know.

During the game, you will be met with beautiful graphics, incredible voice acting , character development, gameplay mechanics, and... yeah i'm kidding this game was made for a jam where the goal is to make the worst game ever.


Milk Man - Shit Edition (runs better) 3 MB
Milk Man - Shit Edition.exe 3 MB


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Would it be possible to get a birds eye view of both of the maps in the game?

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Sure. Here they are in the map editor (if you can even understand it lol):

Map 1 (suburbs.mmm):

Map 2 (store.mmm)

If I can get them to work ingame, i'll reply again with those images


this is the bets game ai i ghave evber played. it saved my lief.]\

thanks I know

OH MY GOSH. THIS GAME IS THE WORST, BEST FUNNEST GAME FOR THIS JAM. It took me an hour to finally find the milk store, but I enjoyed searching for it because I got to see NPC's wearing the BEST SHIRTS EVER. This game is so terribly Fun that I will probably will play it again.