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Milk Man: Shit Edition is a very strange game where you play as milk man and go find milk because like I don't know.

During the game, you will be met with beautiful graphics, incredible voice acting , character development, gameplay mechanics, and... yeah i'm kidding this game was made for a jam where the goal is to make the worst game ever.


Milk Man - Shit Edition (runs better) 3 MB
Milk Man - Shit Edition.exe 3 MB


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man this is just the best would you happen to know what game engine this was made in thanks again


The engine I used was Game Maker 8.0 Pro. Making 3d stuff in it is a garbage experience that I wouldn't recommend. I had to make the 3d map editor myself since Game Maker only has a built-in 2d one. On the technical side of things, this game and its sequel are a fucking mess, which i guess fits the shitty vibe of the games in general.

If you wanna look deeper into the mechanics of the game, you can check out the sequel's source code on my itch page. Idk where I put the source code for the first game.

Would it be possible to get a birds eye view of both of the maps in the game?

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Sure. Here they are in the map editor (if you can even understand it lol):

Map 1 (suburbs.mmm):

Map 2 (store.mmm)

If I can get them to work ingame, i'll reply again with those images


this is the bets game ai i ghave evber played. it saved my lief.]\

thanks I know

OH MY GOSH. THIS GAME IS THE WORST, BEST FUNNEST GAME FOR THIS JAM. It took me an hour to finally find the milk store, but I enjoyed searching for it because I got to see NPC's wearing the BEST SHIRTS EVER. This game is so terribly Fun that I will probably will play it again.